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Home Advisor
HomeAdvisor is a digital marketplace that connects homeowners with prescreened, local service professionals to complete home improvement, maintenance and remodeling projects.

Professional Organizations:

Founded in 1982, Foodshare is the regional food bank serving Connecticut's Hartford and Tolland counties, where 121,000 people struggle with hunger. Foodshare is a member of the national organization Feeding America, along with more than 200 other food banks nationally. In partnership with the food industry, donors, community leaders and volunteers, Foodshare works to maximize access to nutritious food and other resources that support food security. And, because hunger is bigger than food, Foodshare collaborates with anti-hunger organizations, policy makers, and the broader community to build effective solutions to end hunger.
The Better Business Bureau
The BBB Educational Foundation supports a variety of programs for consumers of all ages. Anyone from middle and high school students to senior citizens. They run programs for veterans groups, auto workers, retirees, families of active-duty military personnel and members of the business community. The BBB Educational Foundation is funded through tax-deductible consumer and business donations, in particular, through the generous support of our BBB Accredited Businesses.
Western Mass Labor Action
Western Mass Labor Action in Pittsfield, MA sees it as a problem that many people in our community don't get paid enough to actually survive. Expensive rent in Pittsfield, MA makes for dangerous situations for families in Pittsfield and the rest of the country. This is leaving our community with more stressed out parents who have less time with their kids, a community of people with less and less free time to think about the state of the economy and be involved in an organization to change these conditions working conditions. It leaves more and more kids without a positive figure to lead them out of violence and making the wrong decisions, and a whole other wealth of problems that are spiraling out of control. They are here to help with opportunities for more, and better work!


Attic Systems
Attic Systems
Attic Systems is the largest network of air sealing and insulation contractors in the United States, offering quality attic insulation solution services. Attic Systems and Dr. Energy Saver's mission is to help people make their homes more comfortable all year long, while also saving money on heating and cooling costs.
Contractor Nation
Contractor Nation
Contractor Nation is dedicated to helping home improvement contractors grow and thrive. We're proud to have developed and inspired some of the largest, most dependable contractor networks in the U.S
Total Basement Finishing
Total Basement Finishing
The Total Basement Finishing (TBF) System transforms your basement into a beautiful, finished living area for you and your family to enjoy and love. TBF offers a total basement remodeling package. The basement wall systems, basement floor system, basement ceiling system, and basement window system are specifically designed for comfort and beauty in the basement. These finished basement systems resist mold, resist water, dampen noise, provide thermal insulation, are flexible enough to fit your basement finishing ideas, and look great when they're installed together!

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