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Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions Case Studies: Reducing Humidity and Allergens in Dalton, MA

Thursday, October 5th, 2017 by Jacob Fogarty


This home owner in Dalton, MA called us out to see if we could put in a new garden window in her kitchen. While going through our process we uncovered that she had a large crawlspace underneath the new addition put on the back of her home. While inspecting the crawlspace we uncovered some issues that needed to be treated in this home. One of concern was that the crawlspace was infested with bugs and rodents. another concern and the most important one is that the humidity from the dirt crawlspace was causing mold to start to grow. Once we have mold in a single location in a house it will travel. That mold that is in the crawlspace is what you are breathing every day. So as you can see this issues had to be addressed. 


The solution to this problem was to install our CleanSpace insulation treatment and spray our mold-x mold neutralizer. The first this we had to do was to get all of the debris out of the crawl space. After this was done we started the first step of the treatment. The first step is to lay down our dimple mat drainage mat. This mat allows water to collect in the dimple cups and properly evaporate. The next step is to install Terrablock foam board insulation for some extra R-value. Then we have to put our 2" SilverGlo foam insulation boards on the walls to stop the hot or cold air from conducting through the porous concrete. Now we have to lay down our CleanSpace 20mil anti-microbial vapor barrier. This stop any moisture from passing through and causing mold and humidity. The last thing we have to do is to seal up the rim joist to make sure no more moisture can enter the space and effect the home above. Now that this treatment has been installed these home owner will live more comfortable and healthier in their home. 

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