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Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions Case Studies: Eliminating Mold in Attic in Bloomfield, CT

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 by Jacob Fogarty


These homeowners in Bloomfield, CT called us in for two very important reasons. One of thy e reasons was that they had ice dams in the winter and didn't want them to destroy their home. The other reason was to take a look at the mold in the attic. When you are dealing with mold and ice dams you want to address these things before any further damage on the home occurs. At Dr Energy Saver, we deal with these problems every day but know the right way to attack these problems so they will not continue. 


Mold in an attic is caused by relative humidity going above 75%. This is caused by cold air and hot air coming together and creating moisture. If we do not do anything to stop this from happening, the mold will not stop growing. Insulation and air sealing your attic will stop these conditions from occurring. First thing we have to do in a situation like thins is to remove the old fiber insulation. The old insulation is doing next to nothing to insulate this house and is also infested with mold and allergens. Next thing to do is to neutralize the existing mold in the attic with our Mold-x spray. This spray will kill the mold and clean the nasty stains it leaves behind. Once we have this done we have to air seal the attic. Every penetration and gap from the conditioned space into the attic is sealed. Next we blow our Tru-Soft cellulose to an R-Value of 60. This is the R-value needed for homes in New England. With insulating the attic, we have stopped the ice damming from occurring by air sealing and insulating properly so the air we heat doesn't rise up into our attic and heat up the roof deck. Also we stopped the mold from growing by making the attic a less humid environment. Now this home is mold free and the home owners will never have to worry about ice dams again!

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