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Catherine Benito

Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions

Title: Production Coordinator

Hometown: East Hartford, CT

Catherine Benito from Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions

Catherine has experience in a variety of industries with a focus on customer service, staff management and administrative responsibilities, as well as construction practices.

Such learning allows her to address the issues of both employees and clients.

In her spare time, Catherine enjoys reading, biking spending time with family and her puppy pipsqueak!







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Dr. Energy Saver Award Table!
Dr. Energy Saver Award Table!

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Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Reducing Cold Floors and Making a Crawlspace Energy Efficient in Greenfield, MA
    Reducing Cold Floors and Making a Crawlspace Energy Efficient in Greenfield, MA

    Reducing Cold Floors and Making a Crawlspace Energy Efficient in Greenfield, MA

    This homeowner called us out to their home to give them an estimate on insulating and air sealing their basement. When we got to the home and went over the concerns these homeowners were experiencing. One of their main concerns were the cold floors throughout the home, and their nasty, damp, dirt vented crawlspace. In the winter, crawlspace vents let cold air directly into the home. Floor insulation sags away from the sub floor and the cold air is able to get above it. This makes the insulation almost useless. In the summer the vents let in warm, humid air. This air gets cooled by the subterranean crawlspace, which causes the relative humidity to go up. When this happens, condensation will form all over the crawlspace surfaces including floor joists and ducts. Mold grows on and wood rots, and insect can easily begin nesting. Musty odors can even travel upstairs into your home to your living space! Eventually flooring will have to be replaced, and mold to be remediation. This damn air from the crawlspace is difficult to cool, and heat creating a bigger electricity bill for homeowners! We knew what we had to do before things got even worse!

    To fix the issues with this nasty, damp, dirt vented crawlspace we  use out Dr. Energy Saver Crawl Space Insulation System treatment. First we take out all of the old insulation and make sure the dirt floor is all level. Now we are ready to start the process. We seal up vents and all air leaks with our insulated vent covers. Next, we insulate the crawlspace walls with our 4' SilverGlo insulation boards. Dr. Energy Savers SilverGlo Foam Boards are infused with graphite to increase the R-Value by 24% over standard foam. Next, we set down a dimpled plastic drainage mat to create an airspace and thermal break. TerraBlock floor insulation is installed over the dimple mat. Finally, a heavy duty, 20 mil thick crawl space insulation liner is inserted permanently across the entire dirt floor. This is sealed with mechanical fasteners to the wall, and spiked to the floor. The crawl space insulation also contains anti-microbial ingredients. This protects the area from and possible bacteria and fungi growth. Now that this crawlspace is fully insulated, air sealed, and insulated these homeowners can now live happier, healthier, and more energy efficient! Thanks Dr. Energy Saver!

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