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Jodi Fogarty from Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions

Title: Owner/Accountant

Hometown: Windsor, CT

Jodi Fogarty from Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions

In her previous employment, prior to joining Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions, Jodi has worked in the customer service industry for 30 years.  

Jodi's ability to make people happy and comfortable with her outgoing personality is a asset to any company.

Her ability to multi-task, problem solving is essential to the success of our company.

In her spare time, Jodi enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach and reading.

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  • Making a Home More Comfortable in the Summer in North Granby, CT
    Making a Home More Comfortable in the Summer in North Granby, CT

    This customer in North Granby, CT called us out to help them understand a problem they were having in their home. The problem was that they could not keep their home cool in the summer not matter what. This was due to a lack of appropriate insulation in their cathedral style attic. This home had fiberglass and cotton insulation which is fluffy and easily allows air and heat to leak. This style home has rooms that are exposed to hostile attic temperatures. These homeowners were uncomfortable in their homes during the winter and summer due to significantly hot and cold rooms.

    To fix this we need to properly remove and dispose of the old, fiberglass and cotton insulation. We remove the insulation and place it in bags to safely dispose of the materials. Next we install our SilverGlo. We measure and cut our 4' SilverGlo to fit. SilverGlo insulation is composed of foam boards infused with graphite, which produces a 24% increased R-Value. We install our foam board and secure the pieces with heavy duty screws and washers to keep them in place. We spray our one-part foam between each piece of SilverGlo to make sure there are no areas where heat and air can still escape.  Thanks to Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions, these customers can live energy efficiently, and stay cool this summer!

  • Reducing Cold Floors in Egremont, MA
    Reducing Cold Floors in Egremont, MA

    This homeowner called us out to their home in Egremont, MA to access a problem that have been experiencing in their homes. They originally called us to do a Home Energy Evaluation in regards to adding some new insulation in their homes. When we got to the home and spoke with the homeowner during our inspection they voiced to us that they have very cold floors on the first floor during colder seasons. They also had trouble keeping the first floor cool in the summer and hot seasons. While evaluating their basement we saw that they did not have a sealed rim joist. The joints and gaps between the framing all of the framing members allow for a lot of air leakage into the home. This also was a reason for the first floor not staying as cool as it should be in hotter seasons. Air was able to leak through the rim joists and gaps, resulting in uncomfortable temperatures in their home no matter the season.

    To fix this issue, we need to spray foam this homeowners rim joist and insulate. This process is done by spraying out two-part expanding spray foam on the rim joist and over the sill plate to seal all air leaks from the outside. This finally creates some well needed insulation in the home. Dr. Energy Savers spray foam has a high insulation value of R7. Since this is expanding foam, it seals all of the cracks, gaps, and joints where air from the outside enters the home. Thanks to Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions, these homeowners can now live comfortable, and more energy efficient in their homes all rear round!

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