Stack Effect: How Does It Effect Your Home And Your Wallets!

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 by Jacob Fogarty

     Every home is built differently. One may have a bigger kitchen, while another could have an additional floor. Even though these houses could be completely different, they both have one thing in common. Stack Effect!     

     Stack effect is the movement of air into and out of a building, chimney, flue-gas stacks, and other containers. What this means is that the warm air in your home will rise and find its was into the attic through any gaps, cracks, or penetrations. Once this air has left the conditioned space we can consider it gone because the attic is a vented space. The same amount of air that leave through the attic must be replaced. The replacement air will come in at a negative pressure zone.

All homes have a positive pressure in the attic and a negative pressure in the basement. When the new air that is pulled in from the basement makes it way into the conditioned space, you heat that air. Now that the air is hot it wants to rise like a balloon again. So it does! it makes its way back into the attic and the cycle starts all over again. Keep in mind, every time new air come into the home, we pay to condition that air. Either by heating or cooling it depending on the season. Think of the conditioned air that escapes your house as coins. Once you lose those coins you can never get them back! Now you can see the stack effect will effect both the comfort level of your home and the comfort level of you wallet!

     Here at Dr Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions, we pride our self on helping home owners live in a more comfortable and efficient home. We will seal the envelope of the home to reduce the effects of stack effect. Now you can keep all the "coins" that where once escaping from you home and put them back in your wallet!

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