Hate Walking on Cold Floors?

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 by Caralyn Gilchrist

When most houses with basements were built they were intended to have an unfinished basement, so nobody insulated or air sealed them, and they put the “lousiest-you-can-get-least-energy-efficient” windows in.  But then we put our heating system and ducts and water heater in the basement, which heat the basement “unintentionally”.  But this heat is lost by conduction through cold dense foundation walls, cold windows, and the uninsulated rim joists.  The rim joist is right above the foundation wall.  It’s the outer perimeter of your first floor framing system and it’s leaky and often not insulated. 

Our basement is also invaded by cold air leaking in.  The house sucks in at the bottom to replace the air that left at the top.  So this all makes our floors upstairs cold; with the cold basement right beneath our feet – just 3/4” of subfloor away.  And of course it cools our heating equipment, ducts and water heater, and contributes to our overall air leakage and cost of heating our home.

Does your home have cold floors or a cold basement? We can fix it! Call Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions at 1-860-219-0499.

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