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Attic Scuttle in Windsor, CT

This homeowner wanted to save on his heating and cooling costs.  He needed insulation in the attic of his Cape style home.  We installed a scuttle in the ceiling to gain access to the attic.  Once we gained access, our team air sealed and insulated the attic ensuring this home would be both more comfortable and energy efficient.  The homeowner was very happy with the results.

Air Sealing Can Lights in Windsor, CT

Stopping air leakage at the top of the house is a priority when it comes to making a home more comfortable.  Can lights are holes in the ceiling which allow air to leak into the attic between the fixture and the drywall.  Air leaks through the fixture itself due to the many holes and seams in it.  Most can lights are not rated to have insulation against them because of the fire hazard when the fixture gets hot.  We installed our Dr. Energy Saver TiteShell can light covers.  We used our expanding foam to make these lights air tight.  These covers are safe from the fire hazards of hot bulbs and fixtures allowing cellulose insulation to be blown into the attic.

Making Temperatures More Consistent in Windsor, CT

This home owner in Windsor, CT call us out to help make her temp. upstairs more consistent throughout the rooms. One thing we must take into account with every home is stack effect. Hot air rises through your home and leaks into your attic and is gone forever. To stop this warm air from leaving. we must air seal. Air sealing will help stop the convective air from escaping into your attic. When we air seal we must air seal every penetration in the attic so air cannot find its way through. After we do this we can blow insulation. Air sealing this home will be a great start to making this home more consistent!

Ice Damming Prevention in Manchester, CT

This homeowner in Manchester, CT was experiencing a problem with ice damming.  She also wanted to prevent warm air from leaking into her attic in the winter.  Our team installed our Super Knee Wall system.  These SilverGlo panels create a barrier to prevent air leakage.  The homeowner was very happy with the results.  The cost of heating and cooling her home will be reduced and the home will be more comfortable year-round.

Insulating a Knee Wall in South Windsor, CT

We were contacted by the owner of this Cape Cod style home.  He wanted to save on his heating and cooling costs as well as make his home more comfortable year round.  Our team installed our Super Kneewall using our SilverGlo foam insulation board which is infused with graphite.  This knee wall is now properly insulated which will help lower the cost of keeping the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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