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Attic Insulation in Feeding Hills, MA

 This is a beautiful example of an attic in Feeding Hills, MA filled with leaks, inefficient fiberglass batt insulation, and a leaky vent and transforming it into a clean and energy efficient home by sealing it with blown cellulose insulation and lined SilverGlo against the ceiling walls. We were very happy to transform this attic to keep our customer warm during the cold winter and cool during the summer months. Our team also created a barrier in the center for storage. 

Making a Home Warmer in Dalton, MA

These home owners in Dalton, MA had us come out to check on some concerns they had about their home. In the wintertime, they just could not keep their home warm. Upon our inspection, we found that they had an interior wall exposed to the attic. We see this all the time on contemporary style houses. When the attic is 25 degrees in the winter and you want your home to be 68, that cold air in the attic space will find its way through the sheetrock (conduction) and into your home. What we also have to know is that heat will move from more to less. This means that the heat that you pay for wants to conduct its way into the attic where it is lost forever. 


To fix this problem we have to insulate the wall. To do we first start by blocking the floor from the attic side so no cold air can get into the floor joists and make the house colder that way. Then, we install our silverglo EPS foam board on the attic walls. This will stop the cold from entering the home and the heat from escaping. We also must remember to air seal in between every sheet of silverglo to make sure it is an air tight seal. This project is now completed and this home is one step closer to becoming energy efficient!

Making a Home Warmer in the Winter in Enfield, CT

This home owner in Enfield, CT saw us at a home show and had us come take a look at some problems they where having. The problem was that in the winter, the house was always super cold! When we got to the home our building science specialist went into the attic and saw why this problem was happening. There was no insulation in the attic!


To fix this problem we installed our Super Attic treatment. First thing to do is remove any of the old insulation that was up there. Then we have to move the thermal barrier from the floor of the attic to the roof deck of the attic. To do this we use our 4 inch silverglo EPS foam board and attach it to the roof rafters. While doing this we have to make sure that we air seal in between each piece of foam board to make it air tight. 


Now that Dr Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions has come and completed the work, this home owner can now be more comfortable in their home!

Insulating Kneewalls in Enfield ,CT

These home owners in Enfield, CT called us out because the were very uncomfortable up stairs in their home. This particular home is a cape cod construction home. While they are good for storage, they are very very inefficient. One of the areas of the home that make it inefficient is the kneewalls. To fix this we put in our Super Kneewall treatment. This consist of blocking the floor cavities below so cold air cannot get into the floor. Next we put up runs of our 4" silverglo foam board insulation all along the slopes to give it some much need R-value. Now these Kneewalls are insulated and air sealed. These homeowners can now live more comfortable in their home! 

Reducing Ice damming in Enfield, CT

These home owners in Enfield, CT had us come out to see if we could help them with the ice damming problem they have. Ice damming occurs when the air you pay to heat escapes into the attic and heats the roof deck up above 32 degrees making the snow melt. When the snow runs down to the gutter line it refreezes. more and more water freezes at the gutter line and t creates a dam of ice. This is when water damage can occur. To stop this we must air seal and insulate the attic. If we stop the air from leave the conditioned spaces in your home by air sealing every gap and penetration and then insulating the attic with 20 inches of Tru-soft cellulose insulation. This makes the R-value 60 which is what the department of energy recommends for New England. Now that we have done this, This home will never have a problem with ice dams ever again!

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