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Attic transformation in Agawam, MA


Our building science experts evaluated the problem and by using our expanding foam for air sealing and installing our radient barrier on the ceiling, and then finally our Tru-Soft blown celulouse insulation with borate was blown to the proper R value to make this home more comfortable and energy efficient. 

Sealing Leaky Can Lights in Cheshire, MA

The owners of this home in Cheshire, MA were experiencing ice damming.  They also wanted their home to be more comfortable.  Stopping air leakage at the top of the house was a priority.  One of the solutions our team provided was to air seal all the can lights in the attic.  Can lights are holes in the ceiling which allow air to leak between the drywall and the fixture, and through the fixture itself.  Our team installed our TiteShell airtight, fireproof can light covers.  TiteShell covers are safe from the fire hazards of hot bulbs and fixtures.  After they are installed, insulation can be blown against them and over them.  

Super Attic Installation in Chicopee, MA

Homeowners in Chicopee, MA contacted Dr Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions because they wanted to make their upstairs rooms more comfortable.  Vented attics are very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer.  Our team installed our Super Attic Conversion System which makes the attic part of the conditioned space in the home.  Our SilverGlo EPS foam insulation board is infused with graphite which gives it a superior R-value.  Heat is reflected out in the summer and in during the winter.  The upstairs rooms will be more comfortable and the homeowners will save on their heating and cooling costs! 

First Step to Making a Home More Comfortable in Chicopee, Ma

This homeowner in Chicopee, Ma called us out to their home to help them make their home more comfortable all year round. We went to the house and performed our Full Home Energy Evaluation to see that they had a great deal of old, nasty fiberglass insulation in their attic. Because fiberglass is so fluffy it allows air to easily travel through it, which is not primal for insulation. Fiberglass is also high in allergens and harmful materials that can affect you, your children, family, and pets. We know that to begin the process of making this home more comfortable we need to dispose of that old insulation.


First, we make sure we have the proper materials to dispose of the old, nasty insulation. We have contractor trash bags close by and our high powered vacuum to help. Our production workers perform the unruly task of taking the insulation down and properly disposing it into the trash bags. Then, once all of the big pieces are removed, we use our vacuum clean the whole area. We want to make sure we are completely removing all pieces of that old insulation that didn’t make it into the bags. Now this area is clean, and ready for new, proper air sealing and insulation. Thanks to Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions, this home is now one step closer to become as energy efficient, and comfortable as possible!!


Super Knee Wall in Greenfield, MA

This is a knee wall in Greenfield, MA.  This customer had cold drafts in the winter and an extremely hot attic in the summer.  Our team installed SilverGlo and blown in Cellulose to solve these problems for the homeowner.  The homeowner was very happy with the results, no more drafts and a much cooler attic space in the summer!!

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