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Attic Insulation Case Studies: Attic Insulation in Cheshire, MA

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 by Jacob Fogarty


This homeowner in Cheshire, MA had called in with concerns about their uncomfortable home. Homes can be uncomfortable for a variety or reason but the most import reason has to do with stack effect. Stack effect is when the air we pay to heat is lost into our attics and then is lost to the outside then a suction occurs from below maning our basement. When we lose that air we paid to heat and cool, the same amount of air that left has to be replaced. then we heat the new air that comes into our home and the cycle continues. As you can see, this is a major problem that all homes have.


To resolve this issue, we  properly treated  the attic so no convective air which you pay to heat and cool can escape into attic from our conditioned spaces. Reducing the effects of the stack effect. First thing we have to do is remove the old, nasty fiberglass insulation. After that, we have to properly air seal and insulate with 20 inches which is an R value over R60  of Tru Soft Cellulose Insulation. In Addition, this home owner wanted to use his attic for storage so our team installed a Super Deck. A super deck consists of our 4 inch silverglo for conduction value and plywood on top for a  sturdy and safe spot to put their belongings. Then we put a dam on the sides of the super deck so when we blow in our i cellulose the super deck stays clean and is ready to be used for storage. Now this homeowner can live in a home that is comfortable all year round!

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