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Rim Joist Air Sealing in Farmington, CT


This homeowner was experiencing a significant amount of humidity in their basement. Our Building Science Expert evaluated the problem and found that using the 2-part expanding foam insulation on the rim joist and over the sill plate would be the perfect solution. This decreased the humidity in the basement and the homeowner saw immediate results.  In addition to there being less humidity, the overall air leakage to the house was reduced dramatically.

Insulating a Kneewall in Canton, CT

This room over the garage is being renovated.  The homeowner wanted to be sure his home is properly insulated.  One of the treatments our team did in this room was to insulate the kneewall.  A kneewall is the triangular space under the sloped roof and behind the wall of the room.  We installed our Foamax polyisocyanurate foam board on the exterior walls.  Foamax provides superior insulation and it is flame retardant.  The homeowner can rest assured the knee walls in this room are properly insulated. 

Making An Addition Comfortable in Housatonic, MA

This homeowner had recently added an addition to their house and wanted to insulate it to make it into livable space. 

There was no attic floor, so we started by creating a layer to blow insulation onto with our Insulweb polyethylene webbing. Once the Insulweb was in place, we secured baffles to keep ventilation to the soffit vent, marked off any electrical work with flags, and blew in our TruSoft cellulose.

Thanks to Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions, this room can now be used all year round comfortably!

Air Sealing End Plates in West Simsbury, CT

End plates are at the top of every single wall in the home. The problem with end plates is there's generally a quarter inch to an inch gap left during construction of the home. This allows for air leakage which lets the cool air escape the home in the summer and warm air to escape in the winter.

When the hot air leaks into your attic in the winter, ice dams occur on your roof.  Ice dams can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home! 

Air sealing end plates is the first, and most important, of multiple treatments to eliminate ice damming.


Making a Home More Energy Efficent in Simsbury, CT

This homeowner in Simsbury, CT called us out to see what she could do to make her home more energy efficient. When our building science specialist got to the home, he started his inspection and found the problem areas of the home. One of the areas that needed some work was the attic. Attics are the most important area of a home to look at when making a home energy efficient. This is because almost all of the heat you pay for leaves your home through the attic. To stop this problem from occurring any longer, the first thing we have to do is remove the old fiberglass insulation. Next step is to air seal every single penetration in the attic. This is very important because what we have to remember is that insulation does not stop air leak! After we air seal everything in the attic, we start to build the catwalk. The catwalk will let the homeowners have a little extra storage and have an easy way to move around in the attic. Once this is done, we can start to blow our cellulose insulation. The department of energy recommends homes in New England to have R-60 in the attic. This means that we will blow 20 inches of our trusoft cellulose into the attic. Now that we have completed this part of the home, this house will be more comfortable and more energy efficient!

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