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Before and After Pictures from Hampden County
Making a Room More Comfortable in Blandford, MA

Making a Room More Comfortable in Blandford, MA

Before After
Making a Room More Comfortable in Blandford, MA Making a Room More Comfortable in Blandford, MA

This home owner in Blandford, MA called us to his home to see if we could help make a room more comfortable year round. The room he wanted to focus on had an old dirt crawlspace beneath it. This is a problem because this area can be super cold in the winter and very hot and humid in the summer. This crawlspace was the reason why this room was so uncomfortable.

To fix this issue we have to encapsulate this crawl space. To that, the first thing we do is remove all the old nasty fiberglass insulation out of the crawl space. Once that is done. we start to insulate the walls with our 2" Silverglo foam board. After this, the next step is to lay down our dimple drainage mat. Once this is done, we lay our our Terr-block insulation foam board right over the drainage mat. Once these steps have been completed we can start to install our Cleanspace 20 mil thick vapor barrier on the floors and on the walls. The last step is to spray foam the rim joist so that the entire area is closed off from the outside elements. 

Now that Dr Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions has come and completed this project, this room will now stay more comfortable year round!

Reducing Humidity in a Basement in Blandford, MA

Reducing Humidity in a Basement in Blandford, MA

Before After
Reducing Humidity in a Basement in Blandford, MA Reducing Humidity in a Basement in Blandford, MA

This home owner in Blandford, MA called us to his home to see if we could help reduce the amount of humidity that was in his basement. When our building science specialist got to the home he knew exactly what to do.

To fix the problem that was occurring we had to insulate the basement walls. A lot of cold from the outside was conducting into the basement through the walls. When this cold air hit the warm air in the house it created humidity. So, we use our Foamax Insulation panels on the walls. This treatment will help stop any outside elements from coming into the basement and affecting this space.

Now that Dr Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions came to this home and did this treatment, this home owner will not have to worry about humidity in his basement ever again!

Insulating a Knee Wall in Westfield, MA

Insulating a Knee Wall in Westfield, MA

Before After
Insulating a Knee Wall in Westfield, MA Insulating a Knee Wall in Westfield, MA

This homeowner in Westfield, MA called us out to help reduce her ice dams. What we noticed right when we pulled in was that the house was a cape cod construction home. These houses are notorious for leaking air because of the way that they are built. One of the problems is the knee walls. To fix this problem, we have to insulate this space. To start, we block the floor bay in order to stop air from getting into the floors. Then we put runs of our silverglo EPS foam board, making sure to air seal in between each sheet. Once we get up to the top we do our upper blocking to make this space is air tight. Now that we have completed this project, this home is one step closer to reducing those nasty ice dams!

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Testimonials From Hampden County
Dr. Energy Saver did a great job and explained everything! I would definitely recommend this company to friends and family.
Testimonial by Tim M. from Feeding Hills, MA
The job was done well! The crew was courteous and called to inform us of the time of arrival, and after the job was completed the company called to make sure...
Testimonial by Cynthia W. from Feeding Hills, MA
Great communication, not pushy, accurate information.
Testimonial by Kim D. from West Springfield, MA

HVAC, Spray Foam Insulation & Replacement Windows Experts in Hampden, Massachusetts 

Dr. Energy Saver (CTMA) is an authorized dealer of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network of the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. We are not just a contractor company, we specialize in helping you understand your home's current energy efficiency, suggest repairs, and we also do the work! You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with least amount of hassle.

Energy Savings Experts

We specialize in a variety of services aimed to lessen your home's carbon footprint and save energy and money each month! We offer it all, from air sealing to ductwork and window replacement in Hampden, Massachusetts.

At Dr. Energy Saver, we not only test and investigate your home's energy hogs, but we will discuss and prioritize the proper repairs. You'll know which ones will save you the most energy and why. This will also help direct you in making the best decision for you and your family.

  • Spray foam insulation
  • Air leak sealing
  • Attic insulation
  • Blown in insulation
  • Cellulose insulation
  • Garage insulation
  • Home Energy Audits
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For a FREE, no-obligation services estimate in Hampden, MA, please completely fill out the form to the right, and Dr. Energy Saver will contact you shortly. With this free estimate you'll also receive a free copy of the book; "Saving Energy and Money at Home." This is a resource written by the two Dr. Energy Saver visionaries and a Dr. Energy Saver writer. It's a great tool to use as you begin to create a more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home!

Job Stories From Hampden County, MA
Mold in Attic in Blandford, MA

A customer in Blandford, MA called us with some problems recurring in his attic in the wintertime.  He had significant ice damming every year and a severe problem with mold in the attic.  Leo contacted Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions to come and investigate the problem.

During the questionnaire process, Leo mentioned that he was running a dehumidifier in the winter in his attic. Further discussion brought up the fact that he was having a moisture problem in the attic, which was why he was using the dehumidifier.  Additionally, the temperatures in his home were very inconsistent throughout the year, especially in the winter.  After completing the questionnaire and building a strong accomplish list to address the problems in his home, we proceeded to do a thorough inspection.

During the inspection process in the attic, our Building Science Expert noticed and identified a significant amount of mold accumulating on the rafters and the underside of the roof deck.  Immediately, the Building Science Expert brought the homeowner into the attic to help him understand what was going on in his home.  Additionally, there was a minimal amount of fiberglass insulation in the gable vents and the rafter bays were blocked.  

The problem was there was no airflow allowing the roof deck to breathe which was causing a condensation problem due to warm air leaving the home.  This warm air, combined with the cold air in the attic, caused condensation which increased the amount of relative humidity causing mold spores to colonize.  Additionally, no air sealing of any of the top plates, electricial penetrations, plumbing penetrations or HVAC penetrations were sealed.  This allowed all the conditioned air to leave and new unconditioned air to come in from the bottom of the house.  This is called Stack Effect.  

Our resolution to this problem was a combination of a number of our treatments starting with removing all of the fiberglass insulation, including the gable vents, from the attic.  We then used our Mold Neutralizer killing the mold immediately on contact.  Then we air sealed all the penetrations and tops of the walls with our 1-Part Expandable Polyeuranem Foam and encapsulated all of the duct work where a significant amout of air was leaking.  We used our 2-Part Expandable Spray Foam to seal the ducts.  We properly ventilated the rafter bays with baffling devices.  Finally, we blew our TruSoft Cellulose insulation to a Department of Energy recommendation of R-60, which is about 18 to 20 inches.  An insulated catwalk was installed to allow all mechanical devices to be accessible.  

In the basement, where the unconditioned air was entering the bottom of the house, we airsealed the rim joist with our 2-Part Expandable Spray Foam.  The rim joist is the band joist which runs around the perimeter of the foundation.  We also installed an insulated basement door and brand new basement insert windows.

Finally, we dense packed the exterior walls from the outside.  This completed the entire enveloping of the home separating the conditioned spaces from the unconditioned spaces in this beautiful ranch home in Blandford, MA.  Not only did we reduce the cost of heating and cooling this home, we made this home comfortable year round.  To date, this homeowner has not had to run a dehumidifer in the attic in the winter and there is no sign of mold.

Making a Bedroom Warmer in Westfield, MA

These homeowners in Westfield, MA called us out to assess a problem they were experiencing in their home. The big problem they were having was that the room above their garage was super cold and drafty all winter! They were having trouble keeping this room cool during the summers as well. Upon arriving to the home and performing our full Home Energy Evaluation we noticed there was little to no insulation in the ceiling of the garage. Garages are not heated or cooled, but the bedrooms directly above them are. When the garage ceiling under a bedroom is not sealed and insulated, air that you pay to heat or cool is escaping back into that hostile environment in the garage. These customers were paying to cool their bedroom, and noticing that their room never stayed as cool as they wanted it to be since air was so easily leaking out into the garage. During the winter, these customers were always freezing in their bedroom, paying to heat air that was escaping out into the cold garage. In order to fix this issue we have to densepack TruSoft cellulose insulating into the garage ceiling from the exterior of the home. We have to carefully remove the siding off of this spot on the home. We drill holes into the rim joist, the outer edge of the ceiling, from the outside. A very long densepacking pipe is inserted into the holes we drilled, going all the way to the other side of the garage ceiling. This will compress any existing loose insulation that existed and adds much insulation value. The density of densepacking cellulose stops all airflow through the floor, making it easy to heat, and or cool the bedroom above the garage. Thanks to Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions, these customers can not live comfortably, happy, and more energy efficient in their homes!!


Making a Bedroom Warmer in Westfield, MA - Photo 1Making a Bedroom Warmer in Westfield, MA - Photo 2
Making Bedrooms Warmer in Westfield, MA

This homeowner in Westfield, MA called us to schedule an appointment for a Free Home Energy Evaluation because they were experiencing extreme ice damming on the roof of their home. This was happening due to a lack of proper insulation. We got them on the schedule and sent one of our Building Science Specialists to the home to evaluate why they were having this issue. We conducted our Full Home Energy Evaluation and noticed that they had very old, fiberglass insulation in the kneewalls. This was making cold air easily able to leak through the outside of the home, in to the home. This also will allow air to leak out of the home, causing high electricity bills. We proposed they choose to go with out Super KneeWall Treatment. They agreed to help become more comfortable in their homes by having this treatment done.

We sent out production team out to start the work. They installed our foam boards to them bottom of the rafters in the kneewall spaces. The ceiling is blocked and sealed with foam. This will stop the air leakage. The roof slopes were dense-packed with our cellulose insulation. This stops air flow and insulates. These homeowners called us with a problem, and we gave them a solution. The blocking, air sealing, and insulating made it so that cold hostile air from the outside cannot enter the attic, leaking out of the attic into the home. They have noticed a decrease in their energy bills and are no longer cold in their bedrooms. We fix uncomfortable homes!


This is a photo of a kneewall space finished.

Making Bedrooms Warmer in Westfield, MA - Photo 1
Work Requests From Hampden County, MA
Vicinity of Andrew Circle in Hampden
We are concerned about the ice dams we got last winter especially since we had a new roof installed in October. We would like to discuss our options to prevent this from happening again.
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