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Spray Foam Insulation Photo Album: Making a Home More Energy Efficient in Southbridge, MA

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This homeowner called us out to their home in Southbridge, MA to get some insight on the problems they have been experiencing. One issue was that the floors on the first floor were freezing cold all winter. This was occurring because they, as most homes, did not have any air sealing along their rim joist. This was allowing hostile cold air from the outside of the home to get into the basement, leaking into the rest of the home and making the floors cold. We can easily eliminate this issue by using our spray foam insulation on the rim joist and top plated to protect the basement and home from outside environments. Another issue they were having was very damp, humid basements. They always noticed condensation and didn't understand why. This is fixed by installing our SaniDry high performance dehumidifier. The last issue this customer was concerned with was their old, smelly sump pump and sump pump hole in the basement floor. This was a safety hazard and a breeding ground for moisture, odors, and radon gas. This was fixed by  removing the old sump pump and installing out Dr. Energy Saver SuperSump sump system. This is sealed so that no moisture, or harmful materials could build, or collect inside of the pump. Thanks to Dr Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions, this homeowner can now live more comfortable, happy, and energy efficient in their home!

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