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Rim Joist Air Sealing in Farmington, CT


This homeowner was experiencing a significant amount of humidity in their basement. Our Building Science Expert evaluated the problem and found that using the 2-part expanding foam insulation on the rim joist and over the sill plate would be the perfect solution. This decreased the humidity in the basement and the homeowner saw immediate results.  In addition to there being less humidity, the overall air leakage to the house was reduced dramatically.

TruSoft Cellulose Attic Insulation in Farmington, CT

This homeowner was experiencing a lot of air leakage in their attic. creating cold drafty rooms as well as heat loss in the winter. The heat loss created an increase in the cost of heating the home. By air sealing all of the gaps with our foam insulation and blowing in Dr. Energy Savers TruSoft cellulose insulation, it created a more comfortable environment for the entire home and family. Our TruSoft cellulose insulation is treated with natural borate compounds. By doing this we have created a higher R-value in the space as well as decreasing the energy costs, making the rooms below a comfortable living space for the customer and their family.


Insulating a Kneewall in Canton, CT

This room over the garage is being renovated.  The homeowner wanted to be sure his home is properly insulated.  One of the treatments our team did in this room was to insulate the kneewall.  A kneewall is the triangular space under the sloped roof and behind the wall of the room.  We installed our Foamax polyisocyanurate foam board on the exterior walls.  Foamax provides superior insulation and it is flame retardant.  The homeowner can rest assured the knee walls in this room are properly insulated. 

Installing a Sump Pump in Stockbridge, MA

These home owners in Stockbridge, MA had called us because they where getting a lot of water in their crawlspace. Water anywhere near a home can be bad news for the home and the home owners. It can lead to rotting of the wood on house and can also bring up the relative humidity leading to mold. The last thing we want in our house is mold to start growing so when we see signs that it could occur, we want to stop this before it starts.

To stop all these problems from occurring we have to get the water out from the crawlspace. To do this we installed our Super Sump Pump by jack hammering a 5 gallon or more hole in the floor of the crawlspace. Then we install our pump into the hole we made and back fill it with clean trap rock. Last thing to do is run the discharge pipe from the pump away from the home. Now these home owners will not have a problem with water damage in there home!

Insulating Exterior Walls in Stockbridge, MA

These homeowners in Stockbridge, MA had called us out to diagnose a couple of issues their home was having.  One of the issues the homeowner was having was the inconsistent temperatures through the home.  To solve this, we dense packed the exterior walls of the home. First step is to pull of the wooden shake siding the home has. After carefully doing this, we drilled holes in each bay. Then we dense packed each bay in the house. After that, we closed the whole up and put pack the wooden shake siding. Now this home is more comfortable and efficient year round! 

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