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Insulweb Installation in Rocky Hill, CT

This customer purchased a home built in 1860.  They gutted the entire home to do major renovations.  Our team came in to ensure the home was properly insulated.  Once the walls were down to the studs, we put up Insulweb and dense packed every wall with cellulose to make the home more comfortable and energy efficient.  

Properly Venting a Bathroom Fan in Salem, CT

This bathroom fan was being vented directly into the attic.  All the warm humid air from the bathroom was going into the attic which can cause mold.  Our team went in and properly vented the moisture outside through the roof using our insulated duct work.  This homeowner no longer has to worry about mold issues in the attic.

Air Sealing Top Plates in Watertown, CT

This homeowner contacted us because she wanted to save on her heating costs.  Air sealing top plates is important in stopping conditioned air from leaking into the unconditioned attic space.  Top plates are at the top of every wall in every home.  During construction, there is a quarter inch gap left.  This gap allows warm air to escape in the winter and cool air to escape in the summer.  Our team air sealed all the top plates in this attic.  This homeowner will save on her heating costs and her home will be more comfortable year round.

Insulating a Rim Joist in Manchester, CT

The rim joist is a major source of air leakage into many homes.  The rim joist is where the wooden structure of the house rests on the concrete foundation.  Our team used our two part expanding spray foam to seal all gaps effectively stopping the humid air from entering the home in the summer and the cold dry air from entering the home in the winter.  This will keep the basement more comfortable and effectively more energy efficient. 

Installing a Bath Fan in Coventry, CT

These home owners in Coventry, CT called us because they had a moisture problem in their bathroom. Humidity in home is a problem across the country but especially in bathrooms. When home don't have bath fans to get the humidity out after a hot shower, the moisture gets trapped in the sheet rock and will start to grow mold. To stop this from happening we installed a quiet but effective bath fan. We took out the older fan and cut the hole bigger to put our new bath fan in. Last thing to do is to vent the fan out of the home. It's very important to do this and not just to dump the air in the attic because mold will start to grow up there. Now that the new fan is installed and properly vented out, these home owners will not longer have moisture issues in there bathroom!

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