Case Studies

Case Studies

These homeowners in Bloomfield, CT called us in for two very important reasons. One of thy e reasons was that they had ice dams in the winter and didn't want them to destroy...
This homeowner in Pittsfield, MA wanted to reduce ice damming and make his home more comfortable.  One problem was the kneewalls.  Kneewalls that are not air sealed...
These homeowners called us because they were spending way to much money on there fuel and electric bills. We sent over one of our building science experts to investigate this...
These homeowners called us to help make their home more comfortable.  They experienced inconsistent temperatures throughout the house, especially on the second floor. ...
This homeowner contacted us about issues with ice damning. Ice damning occurs when the heat we pay for rises up into our attics and heats up the roof deck above 32 degrees....
This homeowner in Cheshire, MA had called in with concerns about their uncomfortable home. Homes can be uncomfortable for a variety or reason but the most import reason has...
These homeowners contacted us to help them make their home more comfortable and energy efficient.  They were experiencing cold, drafty rooms and inconsistent temperatures....
This homeowner was having an issue with ice damming on his ranch style home.  He contacted us to help him find a solution.  Our Building Science Expert discovered...
We were contacted by the owner of this home to help them make their home warmer in the winter.  The upstairs rooms were cold and drafty.  They met with our Building...
These homeowners were having a problem with cold floors in the front of there home. They contacted us to see if we could help resolve their problem. One of our certified building...
These home owners in East Hampton, MA had contacted us about humidity and cold basement issues in their home. The first thing we need to know about basements and the basement...
This home owner in Mansfield, CT gave us at Dr Energy Saver a call because he was spending way to much money on his heating and cooling bills. In addition to that, he also...
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