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New Basement Door In West Simsbury, CT

This home owner in West Simsbury,CT had called us to his home to investigate his cold, dry basement. When we got there we noticed his basement door had seen better days. What we did was take out the old door and the old framing and went to work putting in new framing and putting in a new steel insulated door. It is important to put in new framing because the old wood was not pressure treated and was starting to rot away. After the door is installed, we insulate and air seal the pockets and seams so no air can get in when the door is closed. Now this basement will not have cold, dry air leak into the basement. 

Insulating a Rim Joist in Simsbury, CT

Insulating a rim joist is one of the most important things you can do to start making your home more efficient. It can help lower your energy bills and make the first floor of your home more comfortable. To do this, we start by first removing the old nasty insulation from the bay spaces in the basement. Once that is done we spray the rim joist with our 2-part spray foam insulation in every bay space. We cover the entire space and the sill plate so no air from outside can be sucked inside from the basement. After this we clean up and your rim joist is insulated! No more cold floors and you will see your energy bills start to go down!

Eliminating Water in a Basement in Granby, CT

This home owner in Granby, CT called us out to solve a water problem in her basement. When our building science expert got to the home, he saw the problem. There was no sump pump! 

To install a sump pump, the first thing you have to do is find the lowest spot in the basement. This is where we will put the pump so the water will naturally go towards it. Then we start to jack hammer the concrete and dig a hole about 2-3 feet deep.

Once that is done, we put some stone in the bottom of the hole. After we do this, we put the pump housing in the hole and make sure it sits level with the floor. Then, we put in the pump and run the PVC piping out of the home through the rim joist and away from the house. The last step is to concrete around the pump to fill in the gaps. 

Now that Dr Energy Saver came in and did a great job, this home owner does not have to worry about her water issues anymore!

Air Seal and Insulate a Rim Joist in Windsor, CT

This homeowner in Windsor, CT wanted to reduce drafts and humidity in the basement.  Rim joists are often uninsulated which allows cold dry air to enter the home in the winter and warm humid air to enter in the summer.  Our team used our closed-cell polyurethane spray foam insulation to air seal and insulate the rim joist.  Our spray foam has an insulation value of R7 per inch.  The foam expands ensuring all cracks and gaps are sealed to prevent outside air from entering.  The homeowner will have warmer floors, their home will be more comfortable and easier to heat and cool.

Reducing Humidity in a Basement in Blandford, MA

This home owner in Blandford, MA called us to his home to see if we could help reduce the amount of humidity that was in his basement. When our building science specialist got to the home he knew exactly what to do.

To fix the problem that was occurring we had to insulate the basement walls. A lot of cold from the outside was conducting into the basement through the walls. When this cold air hit the warm air in the house it created humidity. So, we use our Foamax Insulation panels on the walls. This treatment will help stop any outside elements from coming into the basement and affecting this space.

Now that Dr Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions came to this home and did this treatment, this home owner will not have to worry about humidity in his basement ever again!

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