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TruSoft Cellulose Attic Insulation in Farmington, CT

This homeowner was experiencing a lot of air leakage in their attic. creating cold drafty rooms as well as heat loss in the winter. The heat loss created an increase in the cost of heating the home. By air sealing all of the gaps with our foam insulation and blowing in Dr. Energy Savers TruSoft cellulose insulation, it created a more comfortable environment for the entire home and family. Our TruSoft cellulose insulation is treated with natural borate compounds. By doing this we have created a higher R-value in the space as well as decreasing the energy costs, making the rooms below a comfortable living space for the customer and their family.


Super Knee Wall in Simsbury, CT

This homeowner experienced huge amounts of air leakage which caused heat loss in the winter and conditioned air in the summer, driving up energy costs for heating and cooling the home. Our team installed the Super Knee Wall system, which uses SilverGlo rigid foam insulation. These panels create a continuous air and insulation barrier beneath the roof of the home. With the Super Knee Wall insulation installed, the homeowner was able to experience a significant change in their energy consumption as well as their energy costs. 

Insulating a Knee Wall in Simsbury, CT

This homeowner in Simsbury, CT had called us out because he had ice dams on his home in the winter. AS we know, Ice dams can damage your home pretty severely. So to stop this we took a look around the house and saw a knee wall with only fiberglass insulation in it. This insulation is clearly not doing its job because if it was, there would be no ice damming. To stop this from happening again, we start by removing all the old fiberglass insulation. Then we use our SilverGlo foam board insulation to block the floor bays. This stops cold air from getting into the floors and making that part of the house have inconsistent temperatures. When that is done, WE start to put up the runs of SilverGlo insulation. Its very important to air seal between everything to make an air tight seal so the heat you pay for in the winter does not head up the roof deck and cause ice damming. After that we dense pack down the slopes from the attic to insulate behind the SilverGlo we just put up. Now that we have properly insulated this knee wall space, this home owner will not have to get out the roof rakes to break up the ice damns ever again!

Super Attic in East Hartford, CT

Previously this homeowner was experiencing very uncomfortable rooms below this attic as well as very high energy bills.  Our Building Science Specialist came in and did an evaluation with the homeowner and discovered there were problems in the walk up attic.  

Our production team installed a Super Attic Conversion System in this attic to eliminate uncomfortable rooms, ice damming and cold drafts, and of course, energy loss.  The homeowner was very happy with the changes they saw immediately in their home.  

Reducing Ice Dams and Making a Home More Comfortable in North Granby, CT

This home owner in North Granby, CT  called us because they had big ice dams on there home. Ice dams can be very disruptive to a home and could cause you to pay thousands on fixing the damage they made. Ice dams occur when heat from your living space escapes into the attic and heats the roof deck. This will melt the snow on the roof. The water runs down to the gutter line and refreezes. The more snow that melts, the bigger the dam gets and more of a chance it damages your home. To fix this we have to stop the heat from entering the attic. First thing we do is remove the old insulation and start air sealing. this will stop heat from coming through any gaps, cracks, or any other penetrations. After this we blow our Trusoft cellulose insulation to a R-value of R-60 to further protect the home. Now that this is done. The heat from your home will not be able to reach the roof deck and cause any more ice dams!

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