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Upgrading a Kneewall Space in Windsor Locks, CT

This homeowner in Windsor Locks, CT had just purchased their home and knew there was work to be done with the insulation. Cape Cod style homes often have poorly insulated kneewall spaces, and we can help.

The old insulation was dirty, ineffective, and falling apart so we started by removing it. Once the space was clean, we installed our SilverGlo graphite infused EPS foam with radiant barrier to keep the heat from the roof out and the heat from the home in. Lastly, we sealed the spaces between the boards.

Thanks to Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions, this home is far more energy efficient and comfortable.

Making a Home More Efficient in Pittsfield, MA

This home owner in Pittsfield, MA called us out to his home to see what we could do to help save him money on his heating and cooling bills. When we got to the home our building science expert was on his inspection he noticed that the attic had barely any insulation! No wonder why he was spending so much on his bills!

To fix this we have to insulate the attic to stop the air that we pay for, from leaving the home. In this case it was a walk up attic so instead of insulating the attic floor we moved the thermal barrier to the attic ceiling. To do this we installed our Super Attic treatment. This treatment uses EPS foam board on the rafters making sure to air seal in between each piece of Silverglo EPS foam board. once we do this we go around the attic making sure every crack is air sealed to make sure this attic is air tight. 

Now that Dr Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions has come out and took care of this problem, this home owner will save a ton of money on heating and cooling his home!

Attic Insulation in Pittsfield, MA

This homeowner in Pittsfield, MA had us come out because he had inadequate insulation in his attic. To start this project off the first thing we had to do was remove the old, nasty, insulation. Then we must air seal ever single top plate, end plate, and penetration to stop the convective air from escaping from the conditioned space to the attic. After that we baffle, flag all the electrical, and staple up our rulers. The last thing to do now is to blow our Trusoft cellulose. This home owner now will live more comfortable and efficient in his home!

Super Attic in Suffield, CT

These homeowners contacted us because they wanted to make their home more comfortable and energy efficient.  One issue in particular was making the upstairs more comfortable.  Our Team installed our Super Attic Advanced Conversion System using our SilverGlo Expanded Polystyrene Foam insulation board.  SilverGlo is infused with graphite and specially manufactured with a radiant barrier on both sides to create an "energy force field" under the roof and above the attic space.  This home will be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and more energy efficient.

Insulating a Knee Wall in Westfield, MA

This homeowner in Westfield, MA called us out to help reduce her ice dams. What we noticed right when we pulled in was that the house was a cape cod construction home. These houses are notorious for leaking air because of the way that they are built. One of the problems is the knee walls. To fix this problem, we have to insulate this space. To start, we block the floor bay in order to stop air from getting into the floors. Then we put runs of our silverglo EPS foam board, making sure to air seal in between each sheet. Once we get up to the top we do our upper blocking to make this space is air tight. Now that we have completed this project, this home is one step closer to reducing those nasty ice dams!

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